Invoke Boudoir  (formerly Smitten Boudoir mke) started as a photography studio specializing in women's boudoir. However, through the course of photographing only women, owner Dana Dufek realized that was too exclusive. In its entirety, Invoke Boudoir is about empowering all to see ourselves in a healthy and strong light. It doesn't matter what gender you identify with, you are beautiful. You are deserving. You are sexy! So let's celebrate what it means to be a strong and beautiful individual! Invoke boudoir is for all. Invoke Boudoir is for YOU. At Invoke, we are looking for those who are ready to call on something deep within themselves, to challenge yourself to see the true you, to find and honor the power and beauty you hold within. Please contact Dana with any questions and to book your boudoir session. We are looking forward to showing you how amazing you are.

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