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Go Love Yourself Campaign

I started doing Boudoir in my tiny Milwaukee studio and have fallen in love with what it’s brought to my life. I was surprised to learn that what I thought I’d take away from it and what I actually have taken away from it is night and day. I initially thought that it would be fun, sexy, lighthearted, mimosas and cool lingerie. What it actually has been for me is an eye opener into how empowering a boudoir session can be for an individual. How we view ourselves, our insecurities, our body image, or even our self worth can all be whittled down to how we think others perceive us, or how we see and value ourselves. I sincerely love sharing the beauty that I see in others with them. 

You really have to reach inside yourself to a brave place to do a boudoir session, and I applaud all who I’ve had the honor to work with. Body image and women's rights are very important to me, and I wanted to have a boudoir business that does more than just offer a sexy book for a fiance. Although, I think that’s also great! My wish for every client is that, no matter the reason or person they initially come in for, when they leave their session, they find it was also important for them. Inspired by my clients, I also want to be brave and bold. I want my business to stand with other organizations that support women’s health and rights. Body image is not about what we look like, but how we perceive ourselves. Boudoir sessions can play a big role in this. I had to stop for a moment to tell myself: THIS. is important. USE IT.

I fear that amazing organizations, such as Planned Parenthood, are always in jeopardy of losing support and funding. Typically due to ignorance around who they are, and the individuals they help. To sum it up with their motto: Care. No Matter What. I want to do a campaign to help raise awareness, raise funds, and spread the word that Smitten Boudoir Mke, and Dana Dufek Photography stands proudly as a supporter of Planned Parenthood.

I’ve had other business owners warn me - as I am still a tiny growing small business - to be cautious of, or completely avoid being vocal about politics or controversial topics. I feel the business that may be lost from taking a stand pales in comparison to the good that could come. So to those who are upset, or offended, or do not support, Go Love Yourself :) Which brings me to my next point…

For the month of February, I am doing my Go Love Yourself campaign. A portion of all boudoir session proceeds scheduled in the month of February will go to support Planned Parenthood

So now is the time for bravery, using our voices, and being bold!

Let’s do it! Go Love Yourself!

Hair and Makeup: Cait Ciaccio of MkeBride Model: Kelsey Amber  

Hair and Makeup: Cait Ciaccio of MkeBride

Model: Kelsey Amber


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