What to Bring

Now that you've booked your session, the fun is about to begin!

There is no limit to the amount of wardrobe to bring. In fact, I always recommend bringing more than we'll end up using, just because it's nice to have options. Typically we will shoot for 3-4 looks. 

CHOOSING YOUR WARDROBE. Don't be afraid of color! Black is always classic, but don't feel like you have to just bring all things black. Let's get playful with color!

Ladies, look into lingerie sets, hoisery and stockings, body suits and one pieces. Even a great little romper is fun to play with!

Gents, look into boxers, briefs, and lord all mighty... a jockstrap can even be sexy. Long johns, a bad ass robe, your fav t-shirt, sweatpatnts or sporty shorts/tops, even your fav destroyed old Jeans. Bring it.

Stylists are on hand to help with this process, just ask!


https://www.naja.co/, http://www.yandy.com/, https://www.uyesurana.com/, http://www.iamevgenia.com/, http://www.agentprovocateur.com/us_en, https://www.bluebella.com/



SHOES! SHOES! SHOES! The higher the heel, the closer to god. (that's a saying right)? The beauty of photography is that you don't have to be good at walking in the highest heels, ha! Bring a variety of colors, nude shoes are always great too. Boots, thigh highs, cowboy boots, motorcycle boots, whatever your thing is, bring it! One of my favorite looks is a bad ass pair of boots and your fav old tee. Can't go wrong :)

BRIDAL. Bring your veil (or use vintage studio veils if you are worried about it getting yours dirty at all), white lingerie, white anything and everything :) your engagement ring, bridal garter, any special jewelry you might wear on your wedding day, or his dress shirt and cuff links even!

OUTSIDE THE BOX OF LINGERIE INSPIRATION. Your favorite tee, his/her favorite shirt, oversized "boyfriend" dress shirt. Favorite band shirt. Boy shorts, high-wasted shorts or jeans, hot pants, leather jacket, Jean jacket, sexy dress, robes, sheer fabric or shawls, fun hats and accessories.

The studio has some vintage slips, camis, robes, veils and jewelry that you're welcome to use during your session. But I always recommend thinking of those things as extras that you will add onto what you bring. As you want to be sure that your wardrobe fits you properly.

Still not sure what to bring? Just send me a message, I'm happy to help you brainstorm!

What to Expect

If you are doing your own hair and makeup, please arrive with hair and makeup for your first look already completed. If you have hired a stylist through Smitten, please come with a clean face and relatively clean hair. Your stylist will consult with you about the look(s) you are wanting to achieve beforehand. Hair and makeup will be done in studio and typically takes about 90 minutes (depending on length of hair and style). Most clients start with soft/natural look to begin with, and then amp it up halfway through the session. Hair and makeup artist will stay throughout the session to be sure you are looking your best, and to make any adjustments that are needed through out your shoot.

We will look through all the goodies you brought together and make a plan for what outfits we'll shoot in. Depending on the amount of wardrobe changes, your session will last for about 60-90 minutes. The studio has a bed, with sheer canopy hanging from the ceiling, a sea foam green head board, exposed white and green brick wall, a variety of chairs, couch, bench, rugs and two large windows that can be used to sit in. There are also colored backdrops available to use.

Expect to have fun! Expect to laugh! Expect to leave your session feeling empowered and proud. Whoever you decided this session was for when you booked it, I know when you leave, you will feel first and foremost it was for you.

Contact me directly with any further questions!

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