Bridal Boudoir

You know what I love about each and every boudoir session? It's always different. Every person, personality, wardrobe, feeling, the music we listen's always a completely different experience and outcome. It's genuine to each person. But inspiration comes from everywhere, so I thought I'd share a little inspiration for a bridal shoot with you! 

Fierce Medicine.

Entering the holiday season, I think it's easy to get caught up in the stress, the buying of gifts, the wanting perfection from a family get together, and we forget the important parts of life - love, support, family, friends, and acceptance. After meeting Tamara, I am lovingly reminded of what's truly important. Not just at this time of year, but always. Tamara came to me and bravely shared her story of how cancer has affected her life.  There is sometimes a moment when a person stops seeing themselves as anything other than a cancer patient. But it's so very important to remember you are still you! There has to be moments of remembering your true self. Embracing the new self, and still finding your power and beauty, sexiness, rawness, vulnerability, the things that connect all of us as human, and also define us as individuals. I also think a lot about women and the importance we put on our hair, how it can make us feel feminine, how it can even define us in many ways. Hair can be a comfort zone, a warm blanket, even a form of protection. So embracing life without hair can be so terrifying, I can only imagine. Tamara, like many others, shows us how strong and beautiful women are not defined by hair or other adornments, but by the spirit within. Cancer is something that has probably touched us all in some way or form. I truly don't know anyone who hasn't been affected by it. It's vicious. And it is a long and exhausting fight for those who have it. Tamara decided to do a boudoir shoot without any of her wigs, to embrace the power she has within, to celebrate her fight, to remind herself that she is strong, beautiful and a fighter. We call this fierce medicine. Please consider making a contribution to an organization that helps to research, raise awareness, care for cancer patients, or provide family services for those who are in this fight. Here are a few suggestions:

Look Good Feel Better

Pablove Foundation

National Breast Cancer Foundation

American Cancer Society

Susan G. Komen

Makeup: Cait Ciaccio